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● my space in the "Jams"!

Now the most popular site "my space"!
Created a page in it, and the friend can Jams!
Of course, even just to hear OK!
Access please by all means.
Only here! ? There might be something like that now! !

● NEXT MUSIC AWARD winning composer

Award composed Jams!
We have received comments from people in various fields.
Others, because we are on an interview, please by all means.

● Net Radio [all are sent to the hospital -]

Jams will send you, not loose Mattari - Net Radio.
The live show and music, delivered without exhaustive raw Jams.
Dearimasu infrequently updated.
Due to its free distribution, available for download!

■ 2008/9/21 personality first delivery: theory, also known as snow and the first has also Hiroshi Jams usual, and you're hooked now introduce each member
Short-lived feeling of the corner. . . "- Hiroshi Yaro's言Uta"
To safely and ending -

● 2008/10/21 2nd delivery Personality: theory Hiroshi Yuki and somehow lasted a second time!
The last time a little more familiar (?) And it is now I have a problem ill Ro snow? For that, and Hiroshi weight!
And now you too early so the message could be the corner from you!
Returning to the question about what ridiculous names and radio, is an impressive sight!

● 2009/5/15 3rd delivery Personality: theory and came out Hiroshi Yuki! The third miracle!
From the previous delivery, but rather passed, started delivery!
Jams after a long time is something, I burst your jokes even snow Ro!
"- Hiroshi Yaro言Uta the" corner is a popular program that Kiru!
- Please enjoy loose means not talking about two people!


2006/10/1 1st Mini Album [Jamzlife] Discontinued
2007/1/25 2nd Mini Album [Jam2life] Discontinued
2007/8/17 3rd Mini Album [Jamzlife3]

2008/3/14 1st Album [First Favorite Friday] on sale! !

01 Replay feat. YUU
02 Comfortable
03 Something New
04 Rain
05 Antithese
06 Experience
07 Thank
08 LAD feat. Shota Katsube, YUU.Mr.T
09 It's gonna be all right
10 This shadow illusion, a dream or [Remix ver.]
11 The shape of my face
12 Cecily [Album ver.]
13 Hollywood 9.am
14 Go home
15 Something New feat. Busan etc. [bonus track]

"Discography" can be purchased from.
Discontinued Mini Album Live at the venue.
[First Favorite Friday] was sold at a special price ¥ 500 venues.